Sh#t Istanbul Expats Say


We’re all guilty of saying these phrases as we navigate through the expat life of Istanbul!

  1. How do you say that in Turkish?
  2. I loooooove Istanbul!
  3. How’s your Turkish?
  4. Tea sugar lar…teasugarlar…teşekkürler – is that right?
  5. Canım, canım, canım
  6. Ne kadar?
  7. Tsk
  8. I’m never going to be fluent in Turkish! It’s sooooo hard.
  9. Hey, can you come with me to get an ikamet?
  10. How do I get the ‘@’ key to work on this keyboard?
  11. Do you know any English speaking hairdressers?
  12. Do you know anyone who speaks Turkish that can help me get an apartment?
  13. Cihangir is soooooo expensive now.
  14. Hey, have you been to…?
  15. Can anyone recommend a good…?
  16. Do you know where I can buy…?
  17. Take a Turkish friend with you – it will be cheaper.
  18. Are you a teacher too?
  19. Where do you teach?
  20. Are you going to pub quiz?
  21. Bir beer luften.
  22. Why is alcohol so expensive here?
  23. Let’s meet – is Cihangir good for you?
  24. is awesome!
  25. Where are you going for summer break?
  26. Does this website have an English option?
  27. Ha! I forgot my English.
  28. Google translate is so baaad.
  29. Do they speak English?
  30. I wish I could wear stilettos here.
  31. How long have you been in Istanbul?
  32. Should I feed that cat?
  33. It’s hot on this bus, can someone open some windows.
  34. Bilmiyorum!
  35. I’m not sure I can ever leave Istanbul for good.

2 thoughts on “Sh#t Istanbul Expats Say

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