5 reasons why Istanbul is like a lover

Oh BradMany people I meet, who live in distant lands, say to me, “You’re so lucky to live in Istanbul! I wish I could live in Istanbul.”

I’ve comforted visitors who shed tears as the call to prayer plays over the city, because Istanbul has touched their heart like no other city has. I’ve also noticed my fellow expats freely personify the city like their lover: “Istanbul and I have a love hate relationship, but Istanbul is the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Many love stories about Istanbul made me realise – Istanbul really is like a lover! Here’s five reasons why -written in the Oh Brad! style for those who have fallen for this dramatic city.

  1. Oh Istanbul, when we first met you wined and dined me and showered me with compliments – it was love at first sight.
  2. Oh Istanbul, you keep your secrets close to your heart. You’re so mysterious. It keeps me intrigued and when you share your secrets with me I just love you so much more!
  3. Oh Istanbul, you leave me without a car or cash, and I wonder if I am meant to be with someone else but, I’m glad we met – I’ll never be the same.
  4. Oh Istanbul, when you treat me well it is like heaven on earth, but when I start dissing you behind your back, you retaliate and treat me mean.
  5. Oh Istanbul, I know when we part ways, my heart will be broken and I’ll have urges to run back your arms, because I will crave your spontaneity and easy going nature.

Recently, Istanbul and I have had a tough relationship.  Now the sun is out and the days are longer I am appreciating Istanbul more. We have fallen in love again and our future is bright.


13 thoughts on “5 reasons why Istanbul is like a lover

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  2. Hey! I’m glad that I found your blog, I love it! Especially when I was reading this post. Even I’m Turkish and born in İstanbul, everyday I have same feelings. It’s so lovely to understand Istanbul from eyes of other people with such emotions and experiences!

  3. Honestly, as a Turkish person who was born and grown up in Istanbul, I laughed this post so much! From A to Z, this is really us. Teşekkürler arkadaşım, bayıldım ^^

  4. I like Istanbul but only to visit. I can endure living in big cities. There is no denying though, Istanbul does have a certain lure about it, that other cities desperately lack.

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