A very Turkish Valentines breakfast

ValentinesFoodThis post goes out to the lovers of Istanbul; the ones on the countdown to Valentine’s Day and searching for that special something to surprise their Turkish other-half.

Now, you could shower your loved one with grand gestures and expensive gifts, but, you don’t need to break the bank or go overboard to show someone you care. Keep it real, keep it simple and mix it up with this low-fuss, inexpensive gesture of love.

Kick-start your romantic day the LoveLifeIstanbul way – a shared Turkish breakfast complete with sliced juicy tomatoes, an assortment of white and yellow cheeses, olives, eggs how you like it, jams, bread (don’t forget the bread!!!) and love heart cucumbers.

Yes, love heart cucumbers! I know, I know it’s kitschy but it’s simple, adds a little flare to your Turkish breakfast and is sure to surprise – making your loved one smile from ear to ear on February 14.

Cucumber love hearts 1

Make a diagonal cut through the cucumber keeping the slices even and slim.

Cucumber love hearts 2

Now take that slice and cut diagonal again so there are two slices.

Cucumber love hearts 3

Flip one side over and plate.

Cucumber love hearts 4

Too easy, right!? Kind of cute? Go ahead and practice before the big day.

If you’re feeling particularly proud of your creation and plating technique feel free to Facebook or Tweet it with #lovelifeistanbul to return the love.

Afiyet olsun and enjoy your special Valentines.


6 thoughts on “A very Turkish Valentines breakfast

  1. Dang girl where’ve you been? My wordpress reader has been one big stream of depressing news from Ukraine, this is a welcome departure. Nice one, I’m going to have to use that trick on the wife…

  2. I tried the cucumber love hearts with The Turk the other day. He told me I was cutting them wrong. I said no they are hearts. He laughed at me and told me not to be ridiculous. I went back to cutting the cucumbers the boring old way. No more love hearts for The Turk.

  3. I too am in Turkey and had a similar idea. I will say your approach of cutting cucumbers was easier than mine – I actually cut each slice into a heart and used on a salad.

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